Experience with different genres of short films. Including documentary style films, narrative, and genre films.

"COUNSEL" (Short Film)


Year of release: 2020

Running Time: 17:44

Color / Graphics / Editor / Director / Producer

Producer, Director, Video Editor, and Motion Graphics Designer. Made in Oregon with local production company and actors. Produced in 48 hours with micro-budget.

This short film was a great exercise in producing as it was completed on time and in budget. Sound design and score completed by out of house contractors.



Year of release: 2018

Running Time: 21:35 

Color / Graphics / Editor

Video Editor and Motion Graphics Designer. Directed by Joe Boi. Worked remotely with production in Florida.

Official Selection:

Southern Sykos Horror Film Festival - Best Spine Thriller Short, Creepiest Short, Audience Choice Award Best Short Film

End of Days Film Festival 

Chicago Horror Film Festival 

Cenflo Film Festival - Best Suspense Film, Best Florida Short Film 

Copper Mountain Film Festival 

Miami Independent Film Festival.



Year of release: 2015

Running Time: 14:37

Color / Editor / Production Assistant

This film was made in a No Budget Filmmaking, a class taught in the Cinema Studies Program at the University of Oregon. The class is a collaboration between creators at the University of Oregon Cinema Studies Program, UO School of Music and Dance, UO Department of Theatre Arts. LCC Music, Dance and Theatre Arts, and the Eugene community.



Year of release: 2014

Running Time: 16:16

Color / Editor / Producer / Director

Mi documental es sobre una cantante femenina de reggae, Gloria Melissa Carballo, aka Piracy. Ella tiene herencia en Costa Rica, pero nací en los Estado Unidos. El documental examina la vida de Melissa como una cantante latinoamericana. Melissa canta en San Diego, y es una artista emergente en la escena de reggae.